International Year of Microcredit 2005

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Made by Microentrepreneurs is an online store celebrating the creativity and accomplishments of microentrepreneurs, owners of small-scale businesses known as microenterprises. These businesses are usually home-based, family enterprises that employ less than five people. Microentrepreneurs include artisans, seamstresses, potters, weavers, jewelry makers, designers, carvers, tradespeople, service providers, laborers and others.

We currently offer a selection of products manufactured by children, widows and designers in Macedonia, Colombia, Rwanda and Bangladesh. Each item features the logo of the "International Year of Microcredit 2005," an international campaign designed to promote the role of microcredit in eradicating poverty. As part of this campaign, these products demonstrate the importance of small entrepreneurs in energizing local economies, and the role of microcredit in building inclusive financial sectors.

Your purchase and enjoyment of these items builds awareness of microcredit, supports the efforts of hard-working men and women, and demonstrates a commitment to fair trade practices and economic and social justice.

All profits from this marketplace directly support microfinance institutions which provide access to financial services for microentrepreneurs.

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