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newsletter: Microfinance Matters
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Microfinance Matters is a monthly web publication from United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) that was started by the International Year of Microcredit Secretariat in January 2004. Microfinance Matters is your source for both the latest news on what's happening in microfinance this year, and a more in depth look at current topics of concern. By inviting reader opinions, the newsletter is also a platform for discussion and debate. Contributors to date range from Central Bank Governors to Ambassadors to microfinance clients.

Each issue includes:

  • A Featured Guest
    Past guests have included:
    • Matthew Bishop, Business Editor of The Economist
    • Christopher Rodrigues, President and CEO, Visa International
    • Charles Konan Banny, Governor, Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    • Rafael B. Buenaventura, Philippine Central Bank Governor
  • In Focus section. Recent topics include:
    • Talking about the Future of Microfinance
    • Innovations in Microfinance
    • Microfinance in Africa
    • Challenges in Building Inclusive Financial Sectors
    • In Focus: The Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • Voices of Microfinance -- responses to a question posed to the microfinance community
  • Updates on the International Year of Microcredit 2005
  • Links and information on new publications, organizations, and initiatives
  • A calendar of upcoming conferences, events and trainings

Share your news! If you have a current news story or would like to submit an opinion piece, please email the Editor, Vanessa Ward, at vanessa.ward@undp.org

Dear Editorial Team,
To be very honest, though I have been working with a small microfinance organisation for the last two years, I was not enjoying it much. But after coming across Microfinance Matters, it's all different. I am focussed and it has helped me to update myself on the latest in the field. "Microfinance" is a powerful tool to put an end to poverty. Certainly there is no doubt in it. Especially in our country, India , it has a vital role to play. Keep up your good work. A big thanks to the entire editorial team and wish us all the best in OUR mission.
- Iganatious Jayabalan, India

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Jose Antonio Ocampo, Under Secretary-General

José Antonio Ocampo, Under Secretary-General
“To ensure that poor people are included in the benefits of development, it is necessary that these vast numbers have consistent access to financial services, access that can translate into a key element of economic growth and poverty alleviation: options.”
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