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Baaba Maal

Baaba Maal
Spokesperson for the International Year of Microcredit 2005
UNDP Goodwill Ambassador

Coming from a family of fishermen where music was an integral part of his childhood, Baaba Maal has risen to become on of Senegal's biggest international stars. With his thrilling voice and ability to experiment with western styles while remaining deeply, passionately African, he has toured the world giving live performances, with his band Dande Yenol (which means 'The Voice Of The Race'). Baaba is known as more than just a remarkable musician he's a musician with a social conscience. Among his social activities, Baaba represents the United Nations Development Program as a UNDP Youth Emissary and he's a spokesman on the issue of HIV/Aids in Africa.

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Dominic Sasia Malusi

Dominic Sasia Malusi, supermarket owner - Kenya
“Since I was 11 years old, I have wanted to be an entrepreneur. With the loans provided by K-Rep Bank I have been able to realize my business plans. Now I run this supermarket.”
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