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West and Central Africa

West and Central Africa
Angola’s national microcredit campaign is aimed at contributing to poverty reduction through promoting awareness of the opportunities offered by microcredit programs to target groups. The Ministry of Family and the Promotion of Women will execute a plan coordinated with other partners to finance small-scale commercial, agricultural and fishing activities.

Nigeria plans to hold a national microcredit conference in 2005 to commemorate the Year, and will launch local campaigns to solicit the support of local government and the private sector for the microfinance sector. There are plans to establish a Central Bank-Donor Community Microfinance Consultative Forum that will harmonize and focus donor community support for microfinance projects in the country.

Mauritania is convening a national forum on the challenges facing the growth of microcredit. Promotional activities will also target rural and semi-urban areas as well as the female workers who have been recently laid off in the textile industry.

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